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Friendly Competition - Team Event Invitational 

table tennis friendly compPlayers are invited to nominate to represent the Brisbane club in the up-coming teams event. It is a friendly competition between clubs. 

Friendly Competition:
Saturday & Sunday Sept 30 & Oct 1 (9am start each day) 
Venue: Brisbane Table Tennis Club
Format: 3 player teams. 11 rubber with 9 singles + 2 doubles

Teams Event Entry 

Or if your club is interested in competing in this friendly tournament, then we contact Michael Bygraves. 
Download the entry form here

Depending on nominations we plan to have:

Teams may be mixed or single gender and any age group. Teams will be put into up to 6 divisions based on player ratings. 

​Lot of Teams Have Entered This Invitational Competition 

​We have had 18 teams enter across three divisions. Teams have some from UQ, Pomona, Ipswich, Lismore, South Tweed, and Wynnum. 

Email Michael Bygraves for more info.