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2018 Winter Maxi Season

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Tue 17-07-2018WinterDiv 1ClickClickClickClick
Tue 17-07-2018WinterDiv 2ClickClickClickClick
Tue 17-07-2018WinterDiv 3ClickClickClickClick
Mon 06-08-2018WinterDiv 1ClickClickClickClick
Mon 06-08-2018WinterDiv 2ClickClickClickClick
Mon 06-08-2018WinterDiv 3ClickClickClickClick
Mon 05-11-2018SpringDiv 1ClickClickClickClick
Mon 05-11-2018SpringDiv 2ClickClickClickClick
Mon 05-11-2018SpringDiv 3ClickClickClickClick
Tue 06-11-2018SpringDiv 1ClickClickClickClick
Tue 06-11-2018SpringDiv 2ClickClickClickClick
Tue 06-11-2018SpringDiv 3ClickClickClickClick
Tue 06-11-2018SpringDiv 4ClickClickClickClick

Event Information

Monday Nights

TimesMonday Evenings 7.15pm onwards
  • 1 August 2018
  • Season Starts 6/8/18 (For approximately 10 weeks depending upon final entry numbers)
  • $14 for Monday Nights
  • or play Monday and Tuesday for only $24
  • Substitute Players only pay $10

  • 3 Person Teams - Teams Determined by BTTA Tournament Committee
  • 11 Rubber Format (Best of 5) featuring 9 Singles and 2 Doubles matches
  • Each match will be allocated 2 tables, so two singles matches can run simultaneously
Divisions3 Divisions (depending upon final numbers)


​Tuesday Nights

TimesTuesday Evenings 7.00pm to 9.30pm
  • Closing Date - 11 July 2018
  • Season Starts - 17 July (For approximately 12 weeks depending upon final entry numbers)
Cost$14 for Members
Format3 Person Teams
During the night courts will be allocated for the matches such that we anticipate matches concluding around 9.30pm.
Divisions1, 2 & 3

Call us on 07 3357 8992 - 86 Green Terrace, Windsor, 4030, QLD