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2021 Late Autumn Mini Season

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Mon 08-03-2021AutumnDiv 1ClickClickClickClick
Mon 08-03-2021AutumnDiv 2ClickClickClickClick
Mon 08-03-2021AutumnDiv 3ClickClickClickClick
Mon 08-03-2021AutumnDiv 4ClickClickClickClick
Mon 08-03-2021AutumnDiv 5ClickClickClickClick
Mon 08-03-2021AutumnDiv 6ClickClickClickClick
Tue 09-03-2021AutumnDiv 1ClickClickClickClick
Tue 09-03-2021AutumnDiv 2ClickClickClickClick
Tue 09-03-2021AutumnDiv 3ClickClickClickClick
Tue 09-03-2021AutumnDiv 4ClickClickClickClick
Wed 10-03-2021AutumnDiv 1ClickClickClickClick
Wed 10-03-2021AutumnDiv 2ClickClickClickClick
Wed 10-03-2021AutumnDiv 3ClickClickClickClick
Wed 21-04-2021Late AutumnDiv 1ClickClickClickClick
Wed 21-04-2021Late AutumnDiv 2ClickClickClickClick
Wed 21-04-2021Late AutumnDiv 3ClickClickClickClick
Wed 21-04-2021Late AutumnDiv 4ClickClickClickClick
Wed 26-05-2021Early WinterDiv 1ClickClickClickClick
Wed 26-05-2021Early WinterDiv 2ClickClickClickClick
Wed 26-05-2021Early WinterDiv 3ClickClickClickClick
Tue 08-06-2021WinterDiv 1ClickClickClickClick
Tue 08-06-2021WinterDiv 2ClickClickClickClick
Tue 08-06-2021WinterDiv 3ClickClickClickClick
Tue 08-06-2021WinterDiv 4ClickClickClickClick

​​ Wednesday Nights - 5 Week Mini Season

Times Wednesday Evenings 7.00pm to 9.00pm approximately
Dates Starts 21 April 2021 for 5 weeks
Cost $12
  • 2 Person Teams plus Doubles
  • Teams Selected based on player ratings on
  • Winning Team is the team at the top of the leaderboard after the five weeks weeks.
Divisions A maximum of 6 Teams per division.  The number of Divisions will be determined based on the number of entries.


  • Do I need to enter a team of 2?
    No - Brisbane Table Tennis groups players into teams to try to create 6 balanced teams in each division.  You enter as an individual.
  • Do I need to be a good player to play?
    We have divisions in each Fixture night to cater for a wide range of skill levels and abilities.  We also offer coaching on Monday and Tuesday nigths to help prepare players for starting fixtures.
  • I can't commit to a whole season.  Can I still play?
    We regularly need substitute players when regular players cannot play on a certain night.  You can register as a subsitute player by completing our Substitute Registration Form.
  • Do I need  my own equipment?
    You can borrow one of our club bats for free until you are ready to purchase your own bat.  We have introductory bats for sale from only $49.

Call us on 07 3357 8992 - 86 Green Terrace, Windsor, 4030, QLD