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Coach - Bruno Levis

Bruno Levis is a table tennis coaching professional and player of the highest order. Since arriving in Australia in 2010 and settling in Brisbane, Bruno has cemented himself as the pre-eminent coach in Queensland, particularly amongst its top junior players.

Bruno's Top 3 Tips on How To Improve Your Game [Video]

Bruno's Top 3 Tips on How To Gain Advantage in Your Match Play [Video]

1 - Overview

Bruno is constantly sought after as the junior coach people want to engage with and have coach their children. The demand for his services extends from Townsville Queensland to Canberra in the ACT. Bruno regularly coaches in Townsville, Bundaberg, Brisbane, Ipswich, Moreton Bay, Gold Coast, Port Macquarie, Newcastle and Canberra.

Bruno is a person of impeccable integrity, generous character, focused discipline and he has outstanding insight into the game of table tennis. His track record on junior results achievement is second to none. 

2 - Experience Overview - Player

Bruno started playing table tennis at the age of 11 in Chile South America. He won his first regional competition at the age of 11 after 6 months of playing and being coached. At the age of 12 Bruno was ranked number 3 in Chile for his age group, with less than a year of training and playing.

From age 13 Bruno won his first national title in his age category. From then on until leaving Chile in 2010 Bruno was progressively ranked number 1 in under 15, under 18, under 21 and eventually adults / open. Bruno has won multiple Chilean titles in singles, doubles and teams events.

At junior level until under 18 Bruno has played whom are now some of the best players in the world today. This includes Ma Long, Marcos Freitas, Tiago Apolonia, Joao Monteiro, Andrej Gacina, Adrien Mattenet. At the age of 13 Bruno played his first world junior championships in Kuala Lumpur, finishing 10th in the world. At the age of 15 Bruno was number 1 in South America for his age group. Bruno was a key member of the Chilean team in the Open category whom won the South American teams championship when he was 18. Bruno was also number 2 in Latin America in under 18 and at the same time was top 7 in the Open category for Latin America.

In 2007 Bruno played the Pan American Games finishing number 4 in teams and being Chile’s best player. In 2010 he was ranked number 6, Open Category, in the South American games.

In 2008 Bruno was also awarded table tennis player of the year in Chile. In 2009 Bruno played in the 2nd division of the German Table Tennis Bundesliga beating 3 top 10 German players during the season. He also beat Jindrick Pansky a former world number 2.

Since arriving in Australia in 2010 Bruno has been Queensland Open Champion 5 times straight. He has also won the Bundaberg, Gold Coast, Townsville and Sunshine Coast singles titles at least 4 times each. He has also won the Toowoomba, Far North Coast, Sydney Metropolitan and Townsville Invitational titles at least once. His most recent and impressive wins have been against Tetsuya Hidaka (Townsville invitational), Ernie Tsao (QLD Open) and Englebert Huggins (Sunshine & Gold Coast Open and a former world top 20). Bruno has beaten current and former top Australian players such as David Powell, Justin Han, Nam Ho, Robert Frank, Trent Carter, Kyle Davis, Kane Townsend, Wade Townsend and has twice taken William Henzell to 6 game matches after leading both.

Remarkably Bruno has never lost a match to a Queensland player in the last 6years. It is also important to recognise that during nearly all of the tournaments Bruno has played he has also been coaching junior players such as Ben Gould, Jake Duffy, Matteo Dvorani and Natalia Werner to name a few. Bruno has also coached veterans players at these tournaments as well.

In summary from junior through senior ranks, Bruno has played 4 World Championships, 9 South American Championships, 8 Latin American Championships and 2 Olympic Qualification tournaments, 1 Pan American and 8 pro tour events.

Experience Overview - Coaching

Bruno is a full time table tennis coach by occupation. On average his coaching commitments cover 25-30 hours per week including private, group and squad sessions for both juniors and adults of all levels. Bruno also fulfils interstate coaching duties in NSW and the ACT. Bruno was also the designated QLD junior team coach in 2010. Bruno commenced his formal table tennis coaching career in July 2010 upon arrival in Brisbane from Chile via Germany.

It was soon evident that Bruno being a world class player had also received world class coaching. Thus since this time Bruno has been transferring his knowledge of the game to those whom he now coaches. His results, particularly with juniors has been and continues to be very impressive.
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