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Coach - Frank Chen

Frank is a Tops Level coach with several year's experience.
Frank fell in love with table tennis and had been trained professionally since he was 9 in China. As a Chinese national level 2 athlete in table tennis, he won 2nd place on the U15 boys’ team in his province and 6th in the U15 boys’ singles in his city during his junior high school. After that, he trained with the province junior team for 9 months.  
Frank started coaching at the age of 17. Initially, he coached at his local club as an assistant coach helping young kids.
Then he founded a table tennis team at his high school and lead that team to the 6th U18 boys’ team competition.
Later he joined the uni squad at Shenzhen University and coached his table tennis club for a year and a half before he moved to Australia. He also coached at the UQ Table Tennis club before joining BTTA.
Frank is a polite, humorous young man who is full of passion. He is always friendly to others and loves to communicate with people. As a Mandarin, English and Japanese speaker, he has no problem training players at different levels. He can keep the session fun and friendly or be serious. He’s a coach who will take the time to explain every single detail, patiently.  
Frank’s playing style is aggressive shake-hand. He is left-handed. Frank has learned many skills, and he is known for his backhand technique.

Frank is also a qualified State Umpire.
Frank is also the Friday night controller.
Call us on 07 3357 8992 - 86 Green Terrace, Windsor, 4030, QLD