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Head Coach - Paul Jones

BTTA Head Coach and highly experienced Level 2 Coach.

Coach - Paul Jones

M. Counselling, Level 2 NCAS Coach

Paul has many years of experience in both playing and coaching Table Tennis. He is qualified NCAS Level 2 Coach. Paul speaks English and Korean.  Paul is a former State representative player, and has been the Queensland Over 40s singles champion 5 times.

He has helped numerous players become State representatives. Paul has the ability and experience in coaching of many different styles to suit a player's temperament and skill level, with his international coaching and playing experience in Korea.

Let Paul help you to learn table tennis, improve your existing game or learn mastery of techniques. Make use of his more than 25 years experience at coaching players from absolute beginner to top competition level. 

Paul notes "My forte is helping you put together a game that makes the best use of your abilities and interests and where every technique 'fits in' with all the other shots that you play. Also having one of the best service games in the country means I can teach you some of the most effective serves that you can learn and how you can set up your game with them to win in competitions. For competition players I can also train  you on mental toughness techniques and strategies."

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