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    2023 Pricing at BTTA

    Dear Members,

    BTTA Pricing in 2023

    Along with the rest of the world, Brisbane Table Tennis Association has experienced a significant increase in costs in 2022, like most households and businesses in Australia this year.  In particular, our costs in electricity, insurance and wages (our largest expenses) have increased dramatically this year, increases which until this point has been absorbed by the club.  As such, the BTTA Committee have had to review all of our expenses to see where savings might be made and also our fees to consider how best to fund the association’s activities and provide high quality services to our membership base.  While we have tried to keep our prices as low as possible, to ensure a balanced budget for the association we have been forced to increase our prices across the board.

    Gold Cards

    The First major change to our pricing is the removal of the Gold Card Membership for 2023. In prior years, Brisbane Table Tennis was in a position where there were many spare tables for free play,  both in our main sessions and off peak. This situation has changed and now the centre is often at capacity usage or indeed oversubscribed.  In addition, the Gold Card in 2022 cost only $1,200, which is made up of $120 for membership and $1,080 for actual participation.  This works out at only $22.50 per week for participation assuming 48 weeks per year of activity – a very cheap option for members playing multiple times per week.  Regrettably, it is no longer viable for us, in 2023, to offer unlimited participation at BTTA for this very cheap rate through a Gold Card and so this will not be offered in 2023.


    The cost to play in fixtures will increase by only $1 to $13 for those who register and pay up front for the whole season.  Paying this way reduces the administration of the fixtures competition and so we can offer a cheaper price this way.  For those wishing to pay over the whole season week-to-week the cost will be $17 per visit.

    General Table Hire

    General table hire will increase to $25/hour or $17/person for the whole session.


    Group Coaching is one of the most expensive activities for BTTA to run due to the employment costs and the cost to supply the balls.  This is particularly so where participants are casual attendees.  Where people have booked in, we know how many coaches to schedule, whereas for casual attendees, this is less straightforward.  Because of this, we have had to increase the fees for group coaching substantially for casual participants.  We have kept the prices low for group coaching participants who book in advance into the session for a set block.  For juniors the prepaid price will be $12/session and the casual rate $17/session.

    One-on-one Coaching

    To allow BTTA to better manage coaching as a whole within the centre, One-on-One coaching will change from the current laissez-faire system whereby all and any coaches simply hire tables and collect their fees directly from the students.  Instead, only authorised coaches will be permitted to coach within the centre and all bookings will be completed online via our Revolutionise Sport booking portal.  This will mean some increases to fees for one-on-one coaching, since the payments will be subject to both GST and Revolutionise Sport fees.  However, the element that BTTA charges (akin to table hire is only increasing by $1 to $13 in 2023.

    Social Groups

    Prices for prepaid social play have increased 10% approximately to try to keep this participation type as cheap as possible for our budget conscious players.

    Volunteering at BTTA for Playing Credits

    We recognise that these changes may make participation difficult for some of our members and so there will be options for members or parents to volunteer their time to earn credits for free participation.  Various jobs will be available - full details of this will be made available early in 2023.

    Yours sincerely,

    Peter Lander

    BTTA President


    Daniel O'Neill

    BTTA Treasurer

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