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    Almost A Million Australians Play Table Tennis






    Australians Love their Sport. Turns out almost a Million of us play Table Tennis

    Australians love of sport is well-known, and it is no surprise that Australians love the Commonwealth Games. According to research from Roy Morgan, Table Tennis is in the top 8 participation sport in Australia. 


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    More Popular Than Cricket & Netball

    Turns out Table Tennis is more popular than cricket and netball and surfing with 979,000 Australians participating regularly or occasionally in Table Tennis.

    "Over 9.3 million Australians take part in sporting activities being contested at this year’s Gold Coast Commonwealth Games," said Michele Levin CEO Roy Morgan.

    The top participation sport was swimming, followed by jogging/athletics, then cycling, golf and tennis. The next most popular was soccer, and basketball which was only marginally more popular than table tennis.


    The Roy Morgan research, based on a survey of more than 15,000 Australians discovered that about twice as many men (618,000) play table tennis as women (361,000).

    Since Roy Morgan last conducted this research in the led up to the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014 Table Tennis has dropped participation rate around 15%, roughly the same drop as the most popular sport of Swimming.

    All the top participation sports researched (with the exception of Basketball that had a minor increase of 1.9%) experienced a drop in participation. Cricket with a drop of 26.2% and Golf with a drop of 22.6% experienced the most serious loss.

    So get into your local Table Tennis club and get playing! 

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