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Brisbane At The Border Challenge

Brisbane Table Tennis Holds the Gold in this Year's "Border Challenge"

After tough series of matches - BTTA comes out on top!

"It was the most comprehensive win i have ever seen," said Michael Bygraves, Team Manager.

Outstanding individual results Bishnu Lama and Art Redulla went through undefeated 9 singles win out of 9.

Great effort by our players!


  • Brisbane- 81 wins   18 losses
  • Armidale- 46 wins    53 losses

  • Toowoomba- 42 wins   57 losses

  • Lismore- 29 wins   70  losses

Individual Results

Div.1- Art Redulla-9  Mo Jiyad-8   Rey Lorenzana-8
Div.2- Mike Edwards- 8  Andrei Poliakov- 8  Phil Wylie-  7

Div.3- Bishnu Lama- 9  Richard Lee- 7  Michael Bygraves- 3

Team Results

Div.1- Brisbane-31,Toowoomba-13,Armidale-12,Lismore-10
Div.2- Brisbane- 27, Armidale- 17, Toowoomba- 13, Lismore- 9

Div.3- Brisbane- 23, Armidale- 17, Toowoomba- 16, Lismore- 10

Brisbane Table Tennis Holds the Gold in this Year's "Border Challenge"

Another very successful Border Challenge was held recently. Althought the tournament was delayed several months due to the pandemic, it was worth the wait.

Brisbane fielded a strong team. This year it was held in Brisbane. 

border challenge

The 2021 Border Challenge Brisbane Representative Team Members (in no particlar order)

Rey Lorenzana, Allan Ngaparu, Richard Lee, Bishnu Lama, Art Redulla, Phil Wylie, Mo Jiyad, Mike Edwards, Andrei Poliakov, & Michael Bygraves

Close Matches

 Here are the results from Armidalein 2019.

  • 1st- Armidale   63
  • 2nd- Brisbane  56
  • 3rd- Lismore    44
  • 4th- Toowoomba    35

This team did an amazing effort as we allowed Armidale to have a 2000 rated player because they had not won the Shield before. Lots of close matches were had and we only needed a few to turnaround to be victorious. Mike Edwards and Michael Bygraves won 7 out of 9 singles. Six of our nine players were playing the Border Challenge for the first time.

The 2018 Border Challenge also made the local Win NEWS (see video). 

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