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    Brisbane Table Tennis Members Show Off Their Skills

    Brisbane Table Tennis Members Show Off Their Skills At The 2016 Closed Tournament 

    brisbane closed tournamentInspired by Chinese Table Tennis stars Ma Long and Shiwen Liu the Brisbane Table Tennis club members showed off their impressive skills at its annual Closed Tournament. 

    Leading the way, Eric Hsiao put in a sterling performance to claim the trophy for the Open Singles event.

    This year the Brisbane Close Tournament was held on a Sunday rather, as it had in previous years, across a series of week night events. 

    This encouraged 48 entrants to pit their skills to vie for glory across 28 events.

    And the winners are:

    * Under 850 Doubles: G. Thomas & N. Lander
    * Under 1000 Doubles: S. Mills & M. Bygraves
    * Under 1150 Doubles: S. Mills & M. Edwards
    * Under 1450 Doubles: R.Lorenzana & B. Lander
    * Under 15 Doubles: S. Taylor & G. Van Breda
    * Under 850 Singles: M. Yazdani
    * Under 1000 Singles: S. Mills
    * Under 1300 Singles: B. Wiese
    * Open Singles: E. Hsiao
    * Over 50 Singles: A. Polakov
    * Under 15 Singles: G. Van Breda
    * Under 1150 Singles: N. Schmalkuche
    * Under 1450 Singles: M. Moogui
    * Over 40 Doubles: A. Redulla & N. Ira
    * Over 60 Doubles: M. Edwards & M. Grbin
    * Under 13 Singles: M. Gauresh 


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