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    BTTA Named In The Top 25 Most Popular Coaches

    Player Centred Coaching 

    BTTA Named In The TOP Coaches Of Brisbane (Again!)  

    The popularity of the sport of Table Tennis continues to go grow & grow with Brisbane locals. 

    And we are pleased to announce that Bruno Levis will be our new Head Coach. Bruno is leading a group of dedicated table tennis coaches.

    Read all about our dedicated team of staff, volunteers and coaches working for you. 

    In the annual awards from Coaches 4 U judges have rated the Brisbane Table Tennis club in the Top 25 Most Popular Coaches & Trainers - again!

    We are delighted to be recognized for this for 2019 and 2020, and again in 2021 as announced in February 2022. 

    head coach, bruno levis

    Bruno Levis has been named as Head Coach

    ben lander joins the coaching team

    Ben Lander part of the coaching team.

    top 25 most popular

    MOST popular in 2019 - Awarded Top 25 Most Popular Coach in the Brisbane Region 2019

    most popular coaches

    MOST popular in 2020 - Awarded Top 25 Most Popular Coach in the Brisbane Region 2020.

    The Best Coaching Professionals for You 

    This latest award continues BTTA's popularity! 

    • 2021 - #10 Most Popular Coach in Northern Brisbane 2021 (Coaches4u)
    • 2020 - #9 Most Popular Coach in Northern Brisbane.2020 (Coaches4u)
    • 2019 - #23 - Most Popular Coach in the Brisbane Region (Coaches4u)  

    These Awards are allocated to the businesses on Coaches4u that have the highest levels of visits, engagement and positive reviews from our website users, by location for each calendar year. 

    The rankings are determined by the behaviour of the visitors on the Coaches 4 u website.

    "If you are like most parents in Australia, you want the best for your child. Research shows that keeping your child active as part of your weekly routines such as participating in a sport or squad training supports the development of their health, happiness and resilience," said Nicole Lander, spokesperson from Brisbane Table Tennis.

    To see what events are on this month at Brisbane Table Tennis, see our online calendar 

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