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    Bunnings Sausage Sizzle A Success

    BTTA is Fired up Fundraising for Club Juniors

    Recently, volunteers from Brisbane Table Tennis run a Bunnings barbeque fundraiser in Stafford. 

    For a quarter of a century, Bunnings has offered grassroots community groups a way to raise funds. 

    Community groups and sporting clubs need to apply to be on the snag roster. 

    Our turn was a huge success. The BTTA team made loads of sausages! And in doing so raised important funds for the club juniors. 

    bunnings fundraiser

    A massive thank you to all of our volunteers that made our Sausage Sizzle fundraiser at Bunnings a success!! 

    Thank you to Bunnings Stafford for having us. 

    As a club, we raised $2800 for our Junior Fund to support our junior players. 

    Well done Team Brisbane!! 🏓🥹❤️

    bunnings fundraiser


    bunnings Sauage sizzle


    raising funds with a bunnings sausage sizzle


    Our future is looking great with a great community spirit~~!

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