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Change To The Table Tennis Rules

What's Old Is New Again - A Change To the Corner Coaching Rule

Currently coaching from the side-lines, or "corner coaching" is considered an offense during a game.

Coaches can be handed a yellow card, or even a red card, and asked to leave the vicinity.

Right now, corner coaching is only allowed in between games.

The break in between games can only be 1 minute.

This will change, however, from October 2016.

In the past coaches were able to offer tips and tactics from the sidelines. But the rules changed and officially coaches were not allowed to do this anymore.

But what is old is new again and from next month coaches will again be able to offer advice.

When Can Coaches Offer Advice?

Coaches may give advice to their proteges in between games.

From October coaches can also offer advice in between points.

The coach may offer advice right up until the moment a player serves.

Coaching is not allowed during a rally.
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