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Fixture Season Sign-On

New Season Sign-On

All skill levels welcome.  Mon starts Sept 19th. Tues starts Sept 6th.
New Format for Monday Fixtures—New Deal!  
  • 3 player teams
  • 11 rubber format (best of 5) with 2 doubles.
  • Allocation of 2 tables per team’s match  
  • Start 7.15pm.
  • Enter your own team or individually, there can be more than 3 players (including reserves) 
  • The top 3 players entered in to a team must have an average rating of under 1350
  • Teams will be graded into divisions rather than individual gradings.
  • Maximum of 20 teams
  • Players who play both Mon & Tues night, play the 2nd night for a 50% discount so 2 nights for $21!
  • A player substitute – special discount 50% -- so subs only pay $7. 
  • End of the season Friday night presentation to the team & averages winner with basic food/soft drinks, free to anyone who played 80%+ of the season.
BONUS: Fixture players can ask the Night Controller for a voucher, valid for the next 7 days. Not transferable & entitles them to 1 free practice session on Wednesday or Friday night or a weekday morning (when the Centre is open) that week.

Entries close 7 days prior to season kick off.  

No change to Tues format, but the discounts apply.
Email Michael Bygraves for more info.
Call us on 07 3357 8992 - 86 Green Terrace, Windsor, 4030, QLD