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    Fixtures Survey Results

    Fixtures Format Survey Results

    The Tournament Committee conducted a survey of people regarding feedback on fixtures format and team selection in 2019.

    The tournament was sent to the subscribers of the PING newsletter – 661 subscribers

    An invite to participate in the survey was posted twice on BTTA Facebook page – 

    • Reach = 504
    • Engagement = 60 
    • Video Views = 92 

    table tennis fixtures survey

    The sruvey had 47 respondents. 


    Most respondents preferred a 7pm or 7:15pm kick off time.

    Most respondents preferred a 9.30pm or 10pm finish. 

    kick off


    The overwhelming response from the participants is to let the Tournament Committee select the teams based on an average of rating points in each division. 

    83% of the respondents said let the committee work it out. 

    team selection


    The most popular choice of fixture format was the 2-player team, consisting of 4 singles matches and 1 doubles, total of 5 matches. 

    This format is likely to run for approximately 1-hour 40minutes. 

    However, if you drill down into the responses a bit more deeply a clear trend appears. 

    • Monday night players preferered the 2-player, 5 match rubber (47%) 
    • Tuesday night players wanted the traditional 3-player, 11 match rubber (59%) 

    preferred format


    Respondents were glad that the Tourament Committee asked their opinion. 

    People said they are were happy with the work that the Committee is doing. 

    Several people suggested another, possibly adding Wednesday night or Weekend fixtures.  

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