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    Future Table Tennis Star Gets A Boost After A Successful GoFundMe Campaign

    Future Table Tennis Star Gets A Boost

    There are many talented junior players who have fabulous potential but whose stories do not have happy endings.  

    With thousands of dollars needing to be forked out by parents to support their kids playing elite sports it can be a challenge with players needing to go away for the State and National titles.

    Airfares, accommodation, uniforms, specialist equipment like racquets and rubbers, along with tracksuits and training shirts, special shoes are just part of a very long list of needed items. 

    junior table tennis player

    Daniel O'Neill from Brisbane Table Tennis, facilitated a GoFundMe Campaign to subsidise the costs of travel and expenses for the up-and-coming junior player Andy Nguyen-Huynh. 

    Andy needed a boost. 

    "We want to provide some financial support for Andy so he has a chance to go to the State Titles, and hopefully make the national team," said Daniel. 

    Rising through the ranks for this keen young player like Andy just got a little bit easier. And just perhaps his story‚Äôs happy ending is a bit closer. 

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