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How Are Table Tennis Ratings Calculated

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Discover How Table Tennis Ratings Are Calculated


The Brisbane Table Tennis club uses "Ratings Central" to rate all players, from world-class to beginner.

Rating points are gained or lost by winning and losing matches in singles matches in tournament and weekly fixture results. 

The system is clever and factors in up-set results or bumps up a player's standard deviation if they haven't played for a long time. 


david j marcus, ph.d

Ratings Central Used All Over The World


Ratings Central is used all over the world, outside of Australia it is used in the USA and Austria. 

A brand new member will be assigned a rating based on results from their first tournament. The more matches that are reported, the more accurate the initial rating will be. 

Ratings Central is the brainchild of David J Marcus, Ph.D. it is fair and accurate. Not only does it use a huge data set it also uses a sophisticated rating algorithm, click here

Basically the higher the rating number the better, more skilled, a player will be. A famous international player like Ma Long has a rating of 3191 +/- 87

Whereas our current top rated Australian player, Heming Hu, who played in the Commonwealth Games, his rating is 2295 +/- 61

Brisbane Table Tennis Club coach, Bruno Levis's rating is 2147±120

Most players, however, do not have such high ratings. 

A player who plays regular fixtures competition is more likely to have a rating around 1000.

The ratings are posted on a web site so you can look up your own rating, if you have one. 

Ratings Central uses a program called Zermelo to help Tournament Directors run competitions. It imports the rating lists, creates the draw, schedules matches and prints the match score sheets. 

The Brisbane Open will be using a round robin for the group stage for most events, with the top two players going through to the main knock-out draw. 

Go to the players page and input your "Surname, Firstname" to see if you have a rating in the system, click here

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