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How much money can you earn playing Table Tennis


How Much Money Can You Earn Playing Table Tennis?

We have all heard about the huge amounts of money tennis players can earn, like Roger Federer's in excess of $115 million.

But what about table tennis? 

Popular in more than 200 countries table tennis is one of the Olympic Sports, but can you make a pretty penny playing table tennis?

How much cash can you make Playing Table Tennis?

Some players are cashing in big time. Zhang Jike, according to Sports Flu made $8.7 million USD in 2016 alone.

Investopedia writes that tournament purses can range from $2,800 to $33,000.

In 2017 the ITTF introduced a new format for the World Tours with even more prize money. The World Tour now has two tiers plus an end of year Grand Finals.

zhang jike

The two tiers are the World Tour (6 events) the World Tour Platinum (6 events) which feed into the end of the year Grand Finals. Eligibility to compete in a World Tour event stems from competing at International Open tournaments which earn the players grand Prix points (as well as the decent prize money).

The German Open 2017, for example, offered the winner of the Men's and Women's Singles a very nice $24,000 USD. And the prize money in that tournament extended right down to the round of 32 at $900 USD each.

Back home in Australia, most tournaments are not quite so rich. Winnings for Open Singles in Club Tournaments range from $350 for the Toowoomba Open (2017) to $700 for the Moreton Bay Open (2017).

While some tournaments such as the Queensland Open and the Mornington Open offer the same prize money for the Women's Singles event, most don't.

To my knowledge, the Brisbane Table Tennis Open is the most lucrative club tournament this year. This year the Brisbane Open has on offered an Open Singles purse of $2,000 (cash and prizes). The women's event gets equal prize money. Click here for more info about the Brisbane Open

Making Money From Table Tennis

Perhaps the most likely way to make money from table tennis is not winning at tournaments. If you are a well-known player then you could vie for sponsorships. Most famous table tennis brands such as Butterfly, Tibhar, and Stiga offer player sponsorships. Locally sponsorships often come in the form of discounted equipment, rather than in cash. In fact, one of Butterfly’s sponsored players in Australia is the Brisbane club’s own Benjamin Gould.

Or perhaps coaching might be a better way to make money with table tennis. Pre-eminent coaches can command $50 per hour for one-on-one coaching.

Or better still a career in sports administration may be just the ticket. With a master's degree in sports administration, you can expect to earn anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 annually.

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