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    How To Promote Your Sports Club

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    How to Grow Your Table Tennis Club 


    Growing your table tennis is easier said than done!

    But a great team and tenacity together can help build your table tennis club.

    Brisbane Table Tennis currently has the most number of registered table tennis members in the RevSport system in Australia.

    Here are four ideas to help you increase participation at your local club.

    increase club participation

    #1 - It Starts With "Hi"

    If you want to grow your club then you'll need to develop a welcoming community. 

    Creating a culture that's welcoming and inclusive makes a big difference in attracting and retaining members. 

    Encourage your coaches, staff and other members to say "Hello!" to new people. 

    It gets the conversion started and helps create a friendly and supportive environment.

    say "Hi!"

    #2 - Offer a Variety of Programs

    Beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Junior, Veteran or somewhere in between. 

    Providing different sessions for a variety of members works well. 

    Social or competitive, training or tournaments. 

    Our weekly fixtures are popular.

    One of our most popular sessions is our morning weekday doubles socials.

    And our Saturday afternoon "Top of the Table" scratch competition regular packs out the centre!

    Create something that will appeal to diverse players.

    disverse programs

    #3 - Make your Facility the best it can be!

    Make the most of your club's facilities.

    A clean and well-maintained club is more friendly. 

    Apply for grants for new equipment or re-development of your place.

    Over the last few years, BTTA has re-developed the hall extensively.

    be the best you can be

    #4 -  Promote. Promote. Promote!!

    Engage your members and supporters. 

    Tell your story with photos and videos on your website, social media, and newsletter.

    You can sign up for mailchimp to send your club newsletter. They have a free that plan includes up to 500 contacts and 1,000 sends per month, with a daily send limit of 500.

    Encourage participation. Your social media will get more traction if you have an engaged audience.

    Share stories of your members' achievements. Include a clear "call to action" so people know how to get involved.



    Growing a local sports club can be both challenging and rewarding.

    A club is really only as good as its people! A sports club relies on its members and guests, and its staff and especially on its volunteers!

    What ideas have worked building your club?

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