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Congrats Michael Bygraves

Congratulations to Michael Bygraves in becoming the newest Life Member of the Brisbane Table Tennis Association.

He is a stalwart of the club.

He's the guy who organises all the Fixtures & is the Chair of the Tournament committee.

michael bygraves

Life Member Shirls in the House! 

Derek Scott, CEO of the Brisbane Table Tennis had the pleasure of giving Shirley Cronau, Life Member of BTTA a tour of the improved facility. 

Shirley Cronau, also known as Shirls, was impressed. This was her first visit to the centre this century!

A lot has changed since she last visited. 

Over the last few years, the Brisbane Table Tennis Centre has seen a massive re-development. 

Highlights include new tarafelx playing floor, improved lighting, new bathroom facilities, a new lift, to name a few! (Read more about the centre re-development here.)

BTTA Life Member

Shirley was awarded the honour of Life Member in 1995.

We look forward to seeing Shirls again. 

And hope it is not so long between visits. 

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