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    Looking for a Top of the Range Table Tennis Racquet

    A Top of the Rang Table Tennis Bat

    This table tennis bat is a combination of a top of the range table tennis racquet and fabulous table tennis rubbers. 

    If you are a fast top-spin attacking player then this blade is ideal.

    butterfly table tennis bat

    The Butterfly Blade 

    The blade is named after one of China's stars Lui Shiwen.  

    This blade combines good bounce and the lightness of the ZL Fiber.

    This combo is further enhanced by Butterfly's Innerfiber technology, where the ZL Fiber material is closer to the core of the blade than other conventional blades.

    This table tennis racquet is a mid-fast offensive blade and is available from the Brisbane Table Tennis Pro-Shop for $310.

    Donic Table Tennis Rubbers

    The rubbers are Donic Bluefire Turbo. 

    These rubbers are great for attacking top-spin players and are cheaper than their more famous cousin, Tenergy. 

    The Donic Bluefire rubbers are $50 each. (You'll need one red and one black table tennis rubber.) 

    Order Your Bespoke Table Tennis Bat From BTTA

    Want one? You can order your bespoke Table Tennis racquet and rubbers from the Brisbane Table Tennis Pro-Shop. 

    The total cost of this top of the range tabletennis bat is $410 including GST. 

    Staffer, Jim James, will also make it up for you. 

    Do you have a need for speed? Then order yours today, PHONE 3357 8992
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