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    New Booking System For Members

    BTTA Starts Using REVSPORT

    Streamlining Bookings For the BTTA

    employed a new booking system and membership platform, revolutioniseSPORT. We like to call it "revSport".

    It's designed to streamline admin and let you book online for fixtures, coaching and training clinics. 

    RevSport is an online sports management platform that will prove the Brisbane Table Tennis community with a fully integrated membership, competition management and club management system.

    BTTA is the latest club to join the RevSport bandwagon

    The move to the new platform is geared to providing a technology that helps better connect the BTTA community, provide deeper insights, and provide a user-friendly tool to help our workforce manage the sport more effectively and efficiently.

    And the BTTA is the latest club to join!

    revsport for members
    Building around a core of membership technology, but branching out into a ‘whole of sport’, revolutioniseSPORT is Software-as-a-Service platform that covers membership, events, competitions, websites, data and analytics and governance tools in one platform.

    Brisbane Club members can now sign on to fixtures and coaching programs (like the school holiday programs) via the revsport online system.

    If you sign on, and pre-pay, via the online RevSport for fixture the price will remain the same as before. It will also speed up registration on the night.

    * Fingers-Crossed! *

    No more queues!

    Mobile phones are the most commonly used device, with 93% of Australians using a mobile phone to go online. Filling in a paper form is a thing of the past. (If you do get stuck, just pop into the control desk and we will help you do it.)

    Many of us expect to scan a QR code or hit a web link to access a digital form. With revolutioniseSPORT, clubs have the means to do this and save significant time on data entry. 

    RevSport is 100% Australian owned and operated and currently supports more than 250 state, territory and national sporting organizations around Australia governing bodies and over 13,000 grassroots clubs. More than are now using the revolutioniseSPORT.

    For more info about RevSport please contact Derek Scott, CEO of the Brisbane Table Tennis Association

    Call us on 07 3357 8992 - 86 Green Terrace, Windsor, 4030, QLD