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New Prices For Table Tennis

New Prices for the BTTA 

Some major changes for Brisbane Table Tennis pricing is afoot. 

There are some exciting new changes to the Club Membership. Now there will be Gold, Silver, and Bronze Memberships. Associate Memberships will not be taken for 2019.


For those that can’t get enough table tennis, we have the Gold Card membership.   

Gold Card memberships offer tremendous value as it includes:

• club level membership, 

• unlimited fixtures, 

• unlimited practice (subject to table availability and equitable sharing policy) and 

• unlimited squad practice.  

new prices for the BTTA
Gold Card free play is excluded from tournaments including Brisbane Closed and Open   The best value is the annual gold card option paid upfront for only $1100.   

Alternatively, still with an annual commitment, a monthly direct debit option is available to members for $120 per month for 11 months.   With the latter option, the member will be registered with TTQ immediately after the second direct debit is received. The monthly payment option is only available to commence in January or February.       


The social morning Silver card now covers 3 mornings per week instead of 2.      

With an annual commitment, the Silver Card can now be paid monthly.   The “half silver card” will now be called the “Bronze Card”.    

The Bronze card entitles play for one social morning per week.
 Silver and Bronze card-members will be registered with TTQ as social members.


To make our centre more attractive to new players, all players regardless of membership status can now do casual play for $10 per session. The Junior rates of $10 for squad coaching now applies to all squads, as long as the player is eligible to play in the Queensland junior competition in the current year. The Adult rate for squad play has been reduced to $15.Importantly for many members, the fixture rate has been reduced to $12 per night.  There is no longer a special sub rate or 2-night discount or vouchers.  The aim is overall lower simpler pricing.


Please note: from the 1st of January 2021 through to the end of the year the pricing for BTTA services will be:

  • Special Olympics Rate - $7
  • Fixture Rate - $12
  • Practice per session - $10
  • Table hire per hour (authorised private coaching) -$10
  • Junior Coaching - $10 
  • Adult Squads - $15
  • Social mornings/weekends - $10 
  • Annual Gold membership card - $1,100 prepaid upfront
  • Gold Card membership paid monthly - $120 per month for 11 months
  • BTTA Club Membership - $105
  • Silver Card - $500 (covers 3 weekday morning socials)
  • Bronze Card - $290 (one-weekday social morning per week)

Please note most prices have remained the same. The club members has gone up a few dollars in line with a Table Tennis Australia / Table Tenns Queensland price rise. 

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