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    Play Sport for Lifelong Benefits

    Play Table Tennis For Life-long Benefits 

    Forging new friendships, discovering how to work for the benefit of a team, and learning new skills are just some of the benefits children reap by joining a sports club.

    Benefits that might just last a lifetime. Table Tennis is a sport that people can play at any age. Many people participate in table tennis as a junior player, then take a break for career and or family reasons then return to the sport later in life.

    Benefits of Joining a Table Tennis Club

    There are many benefits to be had from joining a table tennis club, such as:
    • Camaraderie & friendship – a sense of belonging
    • Hand-eye co-ordination and racquet skills
    • Respect for team players, opponents and officials
    • Appreciation of different abilities
    • Goal-setting and self-discipline
    • Grit and resilience.

    sports team
    As reported in the Southern Star, Clinical psychologist Tim Dansie says "Kids learn the importance of being part of a team."      

    "Skills such as commitment to training, being on time, encouraging your team mates and winning or losing graciously are all part of being a good team person, and skills kids will need to call on through their lives," said Tim.

    Dansie says that being a part of a sports club could also lead to friendships outside children's school group which could be value for kids, while also teach them how to work towards a common goal.

    The list of benefits is endless Dansie says, adding that team sports provide structure and routine and could give children access to positive role models outside the immediate family, such as coaches and managers.

    Grit & Grace On Court

    Playing table tennis can help them learn resistance. It takes grit to cope with losing and grace to deal with winning. Learning on-court etiquette can help kids learn appropriate behaviours.

    For example, after the end of a match the player should shake the hand of their opponent with a word of encouragement such as “Good Game.” Then the looser shakes the umpire’s hand followed by the winner. If the players have corner coaches then the player shakes their opponent’s coach’s hand and then their own coach’s hand.

    Life-long Benefits from Sports

    Research shows that when children become involved in a new sports club they can access benefits that last a lifetime beyond ensuring they get enough exercise.

    A 2011 study from Queen’s University in Canada found playing sport can help kids develop ‘citizenship’ qualities, qualities they will retain throughout their lives. The researchers found kids who play team sports are more likely to show initiative and be able to call on internal motivation than those who do not.
    Benefits also impact on parents and carers. Studies have found parents may build their own self-esteem and confidence as they become part of the "parent team" of supporters.

    A study from the United States discovered that parents of sport-playing children, while their kids were making friends and learning to work well in groups, the parents are embracing the same behaviours on the side-lines.

    Kids are not the only ones who benefit from being involved in a sports club. Researchers also found communication between Mum and Dad improved as parents and carers negotiated the logistics for transporting their children and attending practices and matches while relationships between parents and the kids became closer as the sports game them common-ground to talk about.

    Ross Morrison a sports expert from the NSW Department of Education says team sports can also be good for a child’s mental health. Children who play team sports learn how to be more resilient when presented with a setback and are less likely to feel isolated.


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