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Player of the Year

Fixture Player of the Year

Queensland Player of the Year: Bruno Levis

Bruno Levis 

Bruno Levis has been named the Queensland Player of the Year for 2021. 

This has capped off a successful year for Bruno. 

Here are a few highlights of the year: 

  • Rockhampton Open - Winner 
  • Bundaberg Open - Winner 
  • Townsville Open - Winner 
  • Mackay Open - Winner 

Bruno also had a fabulous Queensland Closed Championship in 2021. 

Queensland Closed 

  • Gold: Men's Teams: Brisbane Table Tennis (Benjamin Gould, Bruno Levis & Youman Li)
  • Men's Singles - Gold - Bruno Levis 
  • Mixed Doubles - Silver - Bruno Levis (with Rebekah Stanley from Mackay - now moved to Brisbane). 

Bruno also added this accolade to previous "Player of the Year" awards. 

Bruno was the Queensland Male Senior Player of the Year in 2019, 2018, and 2015 to name a few! 

player of the year - bruno levis

Fixtures Player of the Year 

Announcing The Player of the Year 2018 (For Monday & Tuesday Night Fixtures) 

Player of the Year - Tuesday

Meet the Player of the Year - Tuesday - Francis Keating [centre]

Player of the Year Monday

Meet the Player of the Year - Monday - Ben Lander [right]

The Fixture Player of the Year (for Monday and Tuesday nights) have been announced. 

The winner has been calculated on the most number of wins during the calendar year of 2018. The winner can come from any division of fixtures. 

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