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    Qld State Juniors Championship

    Junior State Championship

    BTTA Hosted the State Championships 

    It's a Wrap! 

    [ JUNIORS ] It's a wrap! Well done to all athletes, parents, coaches and supporters. Brisbane Table Tennis enjoyed a thrilling event. The club finished with 

    • 8 golds, 
    • 3 silvers, 
    • 9 bronzes and 
    • 1 special award.

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    brisbane junior team 2020

    Mixed Doubles

    Congrats to our Brisbane Table Tennis Club Members - 2020 QLD Juniors update:👍💪🏓

    Congratulations to our Mixed Doubles Winners: 

    • Under 18 Gold: Richard Littler (BR) & Leah Scott (BB) 
    • Under 18 Silver: Tamika Connolly (BR) & DJ Li (BR)
    • Under 18 Bronze: Meena Bakanay & Matthew Steffan (RK) 
    • Under 15 Bronze: Zachary Bakanay (BR) & Haneul Kim (WY) 
    • Under 13 Bronze: Scarlett Ira (BR) & Adeepa Keerthiratne (CN) 

    #MixedDoubles #winners

    mixed doubles - juniors

    Great Results

    👍💪🏓 Congratulations to our Doubles medalists: 

    • Under 18 Gold: Braden Li (BR) & Dj Li (BR) 
    • Under 18 Bronze: Richard Littler (BR) & Zack Bakanay (BR)
    • Under 15 Gold: Zack Bakanay (BR) & Ashmith Sivayoganathan (TV)
    • Under 18 Silver: Tamika & Keira Connolly (BR) 
    • Under 18 Bronze: Meena Bakanay (BR) & Leah Scott (BB) 
    • Under 15 Gold: Scarlett Ira (BR) & Keira Connolly (BR)
    • Under 13 Bronze: Scarlett Ira (BR) & Phoebe Ira (BR) 
    • Under 11 Silver: Phoebe Ira (BR) & Ella Yu (BR)  

     Juniors update:👍🏓🥳👀

    Congratulations to our Teams medalists:

    • Under 18 Boys Gold: Braden Li (BR) & Richard Littler (BR) 
    • Under 18 Boys Bronze: DJ Li (BR) & Zack Bakanay (BR)
    • Under 18 Girls Gold: Meena Bakanay (BR) & Tamika Connolly (BR)

    Congratulations to our Singles Events medalists: 

    • Under 18 Girls Gold: Meena Bakanay
    • Under 18 Boys Bronze: Richard Littler 
    • Under 15 Boys Bronze: Zack Bakanay
    • Under 13 Girls Gold: Scarlett Ira 
    • Special Mention: Award for Best First Time Player: Phoebe Ira

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    Brisbane Team Also Did Well in 2019

    The 2019 Queensland Junior Championships were recently held at the Mackay Table Tennis Centre from 17-20 April. 

    Brisbanite Richard Littler won a gold medal in the U18 Boys' doubles (partnered with Albert Dorgeloh from Mackay). Richard also claimed a bronze in the mixed doubles with Leah Scott from Bundaberg. Richard had a busy tournament also winning the silver in the Under 18s Boys' Singles. 

    state junior comp

    Medals Galore

    Brisbane representatives Tamika Connolly won the bronze in the Under 18s girls' singles. Sister Keira Connolly did the same in the under 13 girls' singles. 

    Youman (DJ) Li claimed the silver medal in the under 15 boys' singles. 

    Scarlett Ira also won a silver in the under 11 girls' singles.  

    Brisbane Team claimed the silver in the teams event for the Under 18 Boys' team. Richard Littler & Braden Li fought hard in the gold medal match. In the Under 18 Girls' team event, Meena Bakanay & Tamika Connolly played well to also win a silver medal. 

    2019 junior doubles

    In the under 15 boys' team event our Brisbane team, Zach Bakanay and You-man Li narrowly missed out and won silver. 

    The under 13 and under 11 girls' team event were combined. Brisbane team, Keira Connolly & Scarlett Ira, claimed bronze. The under 11 boys' team did well too. Our team Stanley Cham and Blake Connolly also won the bronze.

    Great Results in the Doubles 

    Brisbane reps also did well in the doubles compeititon. In the under 18 boys' doubles Brisbane claims gold and silver; Richard Littler and Albert Dorgeloh winning the gold and Youman Li and Zack Bakanay getting the silver. 

    Meena Bakanay together with Tahnee Green from Wynnum won the silver in the under 18s girls' doubles. Likewise Keria Connolly with her partner Emily Steffen from Rockhampton won the silver in the Under 15 girls' doubles. Keria was busy because she also won the bronze in the Under 13 girls' doubles with partner Scarlett Ira. 

    2019 junior championships
    Duo Stanley Cham and Blake Connolly did well by claimig the under 11 boys' doubles bronze medal. More, Youzhang Li with partner Taleisah Louise Gaeta from Townsville won the silver in the Under 11 grils doubles. 

    Richard Littler, Meena Bakanay, Zach Bakanay, Tamika Connolly, Keria Connolly, Scarlett Ira and Christian Falconer were all selected to play for Queenslandat the Nationals. Kelsey Le Maistre from Brisbane will be a Team Coach. 

    Best of luck to our representatives who will compete at the National Championships from 7-13 July in Wollongong, New South Wales.

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