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Queensland State Juniors Championship

Junior Table Tennis Tournament 

Qld State Junior Championships (2023)

The State Table Tennis Juniors headed north in 2023


[ UPDATE FROM TOWNSVILLE ] We're excited to bring you some photos and results from the Queensland Junior Championships, where our talented junior players have been putting their skills to the test!

Overall, it's been a fantastic tournament so far, with our players showing great skill, determination, and sportsmanship. We're proud to have such talented young players representing Brisbane Table Tennis, and we can't wait to see what the rest of the tournament holds.

We are also very grateful to our four coaches Bruno, Josue, Sebastian and Rebekah, for supporting our Brisbane Team of 17 members.
Stay tuned for more daily photos and updates, and don't forget to cheer on our junior players as they continue to compete at the Queensland Junior Championships! πŸŽ‰πŸ“
State Juniors 2023
Results Update: Queensland Junior Championships πŸ†

It was another great day for the Brisbane, as the team continued to demonstrate their skill, composure and camaraderie on-and-off the court. Our team has put in an exceptional effort throughout the two days, displaying great determination and team support in all their matches.

It was also Coach Josue’s birthday, which was celebrated by the entire hall πŸŽ‰ Happy Birthday Josue and thank you for all that you do!

State Juniors 2023 -winners


Results Update: Queensland Junior Championships πŸ†

The Queensland Junior Championships are heating up, and day three brought us some incredible matches and results! The under-15 boys put on a show in their nail-biting final against Cairns, with intense matches going down to the fifth set and the boys ultimately clinching the gold medal. 

What a fantastic effort from these young athletes! Lucas maintained his undefeated streak for the tournament getting up on Adeepa 15-13 in the 5th in an impressive match. U17 Brisbane player Thomas also had a great day, securing his first Queensland Juniors medal in the President's team alongside teammates Zac (SC) and Kane (BB). Thomas played some awesome table tennis and has shown great growth throughout the tournament! Congratulations Thomas! 

And let's not forget the U13 girls, who have their gold medal match today against Townsville - we can't wait to see them in action and wish them all the best. Well done Sinead, Olivia and Phoebe. 

State Juniors 2023 -winners
Shoot for the stars, girls! The U13 boys have certainly gained a lot of valuable experience and fought hard until the end. We will be supporting them today for their final team match against Presidents A where they will be fighting for a Bronze medal! Our under 11 boys Tenyu and Lochlan have been powering through the teams' event with great results and some awesome experiences under their belt. The U11 boys will be playing their final team match today against Wynnum - we'll be cheering them on! So far, they have only had one team loss. 

The U19 teams are also making waves, with the girls Scarlett and Keira fighting for gold today against Townsville where they will be playing top-gun Taleisha from Townsville. The girls showed a very strong performance today against the Presidents team Eujin (Wynnum) and Lily (Mackay). The boys Abiel and Shanith are starting the second round of teams after facing off against all their opponents. The boys gave it everything but went down to Wynnum 11-9 in the fifth set in the deciding doubles match. The boys went into the second round of play with strong wins against Presidents Team Anushka (Cairns) and Jack (Gold Coast). 

The Brisbane boys will have another chance to play Wynnum TODAY at 11 am in the final teams match. 

Our U15 Brisbane player Sithuki has had some great wins alongside her teammate Amy (GC). It’s their final teams match today, and we are excited to see what the girls will make of it! It's been amazing to see the effort, team spirit, and camaraderie displayed by all our players throughout the tournament - we couldn't be prouder. 

As we head into the singles matches, we're excited to see what the rest of the tournament holds. Brisbane's fighting spirit is alive and well, and we can't wait to see these young athletes give it their all!  


Results Update: Queensland Junior Championships πŸ†


What a day that Wednesday turned out to be! It wasn’t the fairy tale ending we were hoping for, but our U19 boys gave it their all and played with passion and spirit, going down in the deciding doubles 3-2. An amazing highlight for the tournament was Brisbane player Shanith the β€œRocket Man” DEFEATING Wynnum’s Jithen, who has not dropped a single set in all competitions. Shanith came back from 6-10 down and 1-2 in sets to win with the best performance of his career in the fifth set 11-8. Spectators were left stunned and described this match to be one of the most shocking comebacks they’ve ever seen! It was truly incredible to watch. 

Thomas Heyen and his team secured a silver medal for the U17 boys' team event. We are so proud of Thomas and it was a fantastic effort from the team. Everyone should be proud of their performance! 

Our U15 boys' team Austin, Ashish and Lucas had an impressive performance in the U15 event, with a win-loss games tally of 24:1. It was an outstanding effort from the boys, and they showed great teamwork and coordination throughout the event. 

State Juniors 2023 -winners
Will and Xavier fought hard and came in 4th place out of 8 teams amongst a very strong playing field. It was Will’s very first QLD Juniors and we are very proud of the boys' performance and attitude. 

Well done boys! In the u15/17 girls, Brisbane Team Keira and Scarlett went into their final teams matched with a guaranteed gold medal after a fantastic teams event. Our Brisbane star Sithuki came home with a silver with her teammate Amy Jang from Gold Coast. Well done girls πŸŽ‰ To add to the list of our Golden girls, u13 girls Phoebe, Sinead and Olivia had a flawless run, coming home with gold and not a single match lost. Amazing effort! In U11 boys teams, our boys Tenyu and Lochlan won Bronze. 

The team's match highlight was Lochlan defeating number seed Pranav in the team's match, keeping his cool to win the fifth set comfortably. Fantastic effort for the boys, especially considering it was Tenyu’s very first QLD Juniors. 

Well done! 


It was high fives all round from the Brisbane team after Thomas qualified from his singles group in an upset against Wynnum’s Jarryd Head - with Thomas winning 11-1 in the FIFTH set!! Nerves of steel πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻 

All of our Brisbane boys Shanith, Abiel, Ashish, Austin and Lucas qualified from groups and will be playing some tough rounds today! Let’s go boys πŸ“ 

Sinaed and Olivia, both getting through their groups will play each other today at 1:30 pm. Best of luck to the girls! Prav came out swinging for his singles qualification, defeating Wynnums Jerry Zhang in the 15s, and Johnson from Star to put him through his groups in both events at the 1st player. Keep it up Prav, we will be cheering you on πŸŽ‰ 

Overall, it was a great day for the Brisbane club, with everyone representing the club with pride. The players showed great determination and support for their fellow members, and we are excited to see what the rest of the tournament holds. 

Well done, Brisbane! 

For more detailed results, please follow the link below: #BrisbaneTableTennis #TeamBrisbane #QueenslandJuniorChampionships #JuniorPlayers #ResultsUpdate

After the completion of the doubles events, here are the results:

πŸ₯‡ GOLD πŸ₯‡
U19 Mixed Doubles - Keira & Jithen (WYN)
U17 Boys Doubles - Lucas & Adeepa (CNS)
U17 Mixed Doubles - Lucas & Eujin (WYN)
U15 Boys Doubles - Lucas & Adeepa (CNS)
U15 Mixed Doubles - Lucas & Taleisha (TSV)

πŸ₯ˆ SILVER πŸ₯ˆ
U19 Boys Doubles - Abiel & Shanith
U17 Girls Doubles - Keira & Scarlett
U17 Mixed Doubles - Abiel & Scarlett
U13 Girls Doubles - Sinead & Olivia

πŸ₯‰ BRONZE πŸ₯‰
U17 Mixed Doubles - Keira & Stanley (WYN)
U17 Boys Doubles - Austin & Ashish
U15 Boys Doubles - Austin & Ashish
U15 Boys Doubles - Prav & Ryoho (GC)
U13 Boys Doubles - Lochlan & Will
U13 Girls Doubles - Phoebe & Natalie
U13 Mixed Doubles - Lochlan & Sinead
U13 Mixed Doubles - Olivia & Xavier
Well done to all players.

For more detailed results, please follow the link:

BTTA to Hosted the State Junior Titles in 2022

The 2022 QLD Junior Championships are due to be held from 3-6 April at the Brisbane Table Tennis Centre.

Play will commence at approx. 9am Sunday April 3rd 2022.

The planned schedule:

  • Mixed Doubles - Sunday Evening
  • Boys/Girls Doubles - Monday Evening
  • Singles Groups - Tuesday

Teams Event is Compulsory for State Junior Teams eligibility.

  • Under 19 Boys
  • Under 19 Girls
  • Under 17 Boys
  • Under 17 Girls
  • Under 15 Boys
  • Under 15 Girls
  • Under 13 Boys
  • Under 13 Girls
  • Under 11 Boys
  • Under 11 Girls

2022 qld junior championships

All team events are 2 person teams format- Minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 3 players per team.

Entries close 5pm Tuesday 15th March 2022.

For more information please refer to the Table Tennis Queensland website.

Juniors in Previous Years

[JUNIORS] We are very proud of our Juniors Team

There were so many thrilling matches! Every member gave it their best! 

THE TEAM: Abiel, Richard (not pictured), Ryan, Ashish, DJ, Paul (Coach & Manager), Tamika (not pictured), Keira (not pictured), Angel, Ella, Praveen, Austin (not pictured). 

brisbane representatives junior team 2021
In the end, our team claimed 3 GOLD, 4 SILVER, & 7 BRONZE medals. 

Way to go!! 

Well done team. 


Lots of exciting matches at the Table Tennis Junior State Titles held in Townsville. 

Very exciting news!  


Congrats to our Brisbane Table Tennis Club Members - 2021 QLD Juniors update:πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ“

CHAMPION: Under 19 Girls Singles - Gold - Tamika Connolly  


* Under 13 Girls' Team - Gold - Youzhang Li & Ella Yu

* Under 13 Boys' Team - Silver - Ashish Antony & Austin O'Toole-Zhang 


* Under 19 Mens' - Silver - Richard Littler 

* Under 11 Girls' - Silver - Ella Yu 

* Under 17 Girls' - Bronze - Keira Connolly 

* Under 13 Girls' - Bronze - Angel Li 

tamika juniors 2021

More Results  


* Under 13 Girls Doubles - Gold - Ella Yu (with Taleisha Gaeta from Townsville)

* Under 13 Girls Doubles - Silver - Angel Li (with Manasee Sivayoganathan from Townsville)  

* Under 19 Mens' Doubles - Bronze - DJ Li & Richard Littler 

* Under 13 Mixed Doubles - Bronze - Praveen Gunawardena & Ella Yu + Angel Li (with Justin Zheng from Townsville) 

* Under 13 Boys' Doubles - Bronze - Praveen Gunawardena (with Justin Zheng from Townsville) 

* Under 11 Mixed Doubles - Bronze - Ella Yu (with Cruz Nolan from Rockhampton) 

brisbane team doubles - 2021 juniors

A Girls Sport  

Girls love to play Table Tennis. And, guess what? 

They are great at it!! 

Check out all those medals πŸŽ– πŸ‘§ πŸ’•πŸ“ . . . .

  #tabletennnis #girlsmakeyourmove #team #medals #sport #juniorplayer

girls sport

A hearty congratulations to all the Brisbane representatives. 

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