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    Sporting Schools Table Tennis



    The Sporting Schools Program Helps Kids Get Started In Table Tennis

    Table tennis is a great way for girls and boys to be active and have fun.

    kids playing table tennis Table Tennis is a challenging, social and rewarding sport.

    Table tennis is literally a sport people can play as a youngster, as an adult, or as a veteran.

    Brisbane Table Tennis Club is here to help students to learn new skills and co-ordination.

    Table tennis has light balls and indoor courts.

    So it makes learning table tennis fun and easy for school-aged children.

    This means that kids are able to start rallying and having fun right from their very first lesson!

    The fireballs junior program is all about kids having fun, making friends and being active through warm-ups, foot-work, and hand-eye coordination activities.

    This makes learning straight-forward.

    Table Tennis caters to kids, regardless of athletic ability, and activities are specially modified to suit each age group.

    The program is designed so kids can participate straight away.

    There are heaps of benefits on offer for schools that choose table tennis as part of "sporting schools" to help you get on the court each school will receive fantastic equipment.

    There are lots more fantastic resources and programs to help you get started.

    Table tennis for school students is simple to teach and loads of fun to play.

    The program can be adapted to the kids' needs.

    Did you know that Table Tennis is both an Olympic and a Para-Olympic sport?

    Many schools in South East Queensland have already benefited from the Sporting Schools program..

    Why not join them today.

    Contact us to see how we can help your school.
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