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Summer Swiss

Summer Swiss Tournaments

Love to play Table Tennis? You don't have to wait for fixtures season, now you can play during summer.

Summer Swiss Event Program

  • Monday, Jan 21 rego 7 pm (Hall opens 6 pm)
  • Tuesday, Jan 22 rego 7 pm (Hall opens 6 pm)
  • Tuesday, Jan 29 rego 7 pm (Hall opens 6 pm)
summer swiss

Brisbane Table Tennis members and guests do not need to be part of a team. Rather we work out the draw on the night. 

The format of the Swiss competition is that the first round is random pairings. 

Then from the second round onwards, winners play other winners, and those who did not win play others who also did not win. 

We usually play 4 or 5 rounds. This way by the end of the night you will be, likely, matched up with someone of a similar skill level. 

Call us on 07 3357 8992 - 86 Green Terrace, Windsor, 4030, QLD