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Table Tennis Hub

President's Report from the AGM

The Brisbane Table Tennis Association is expanding. See right a photo of the brand new table tennis tables.

Highlights over the Past Year 

During the last year, the highlights are:

• Installation of Taraflex flooring• Refurbishment of the amenities

• Growth in fixtures numbers • Successful Brisbane Open

• Many individual Brisbane player highlights.

• Inclusive approach, table tennis for all

BTTA is expanding

Strategies for the Coming Year 

Over the next year the three key strategies in place:

1) Table Tennis for All. Starting a new entry level “Garage League” is modified rules and entry level equipment at Carina and Windsor.   This program is supported by grants we have received!

2) More Equitable Prices. Simplified and more equitable pricing aimed at increasing participation and lowering barriers to participation.

3) Table Tennis Hub. Make the BTTA the regional hub of table tennis regardless of home association of the player, including opening BTTC more often, especially weekends.    

In conjunction with the Taraflex, we vastly reducing hall hires and when hired, still setting aside tables for weekend casual play.

Download the full report, click here for Annual Report

More Table Tennis Tables! 

We now have 18 competition courts and 9 practice tables. 

Come in and try our new tables. 

Call us on 07 3357 8992 - 86 Green Terrace, Windsor, 4030, QLD