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Veterans' Winning Ways

Brisbane Table Tennis  

BTTA Club Members Show Off their Winning Ways at the QLD Vets  

Brisbane Represent

The 2021 Qld Vets - WAS HUGE!

The 2021 Queensland Veterans Championships were recently held from 22-25 July at the Brisbane Table Tennis Centre.

At the recent QLD Veterans Championships, our very own Clare Owen was awarded Female Player of the Year Awards to recognize her achievements.

2021 QLD Veterans update: Amazing effort by all players that took part in the event, over a very busy 4 days! Thanks to Brisbane Table Tennis and their volunteers for all of their assistance.

Congratulations to our Singles Champion:

  • O50 Women’s Singles: Clare Owen (Brisbane Table Tennis)



Great Results for the BTTA

  • O30 Men's Team Bronze: Daniel O'Neill, Eugene Sachkov, Supern Dutta & Ayman Wagdy
  • O30 Women's Team Bronze: Radi Tucker, Dewi Redding, Deborah Cronau
  • O50 Men's Team Silver: Peter Lander, Paul Jones, Art Redulla, Rey Lorenzana
  • O50 Women's Team Bronze: Clare Owen, Kathy Pham
  • O60 Women's Team Silver: Gayle D'Arcy, Jutta Marquardt
  • O60 Women's Team Bronze: Judy Engstrom, Karen Bernard-Mills
  • O65 Men's Team Bronze: Rabi Misra, Jimmy Yang
  • O30 Men's Doubles: Eugene Sachkov, Dan O'Neill
  • O30 Women's Doubles Silver: Radi Tucker, Kathy Pham
  • O30 Women's Doubles Bronze: Kanchanamala Ranasinghe (with Vivienne Halocha from Moreton Bay)
  • O40 Men's Doubles Bronze: Art Redulla (with Ray Aballe from South Brisbane) 
  • O40 & O50 Mixed Doubles Silver: Clare Owen (with Anthony Jeffress from Moreton Bay) 

Special thanks to Volunteer Spence Martin and his team who ran the canteen during the event.

Check out the awesome photos we have of our Veteran Players on Facebook - click here.

Qld Veteran Team Members Announced for 2021

There were several Brisbane club members who have been selected to represent Queensland at the Nationals.

Over 30 Men's Team A - Eugene Sachkov
Over 30 Men's Team B - Ayman Wagdy, Phillip Wylie, Antony Yu
Over 40 Women's Team A - Radana Tucker
Over 40 Women's Team B - Deborah Cronau, Kanchi Ranasinghe, Dewi Redding
Over 50 Women's Team A - Clare Owen
Over 50 Women's Team B - Kathy Pham
Over 50 Men's Team C - Art Redulla, Rey Lorenzana
Over 60 Women's Team A - Gayle D'Arcy
Over 60 Women's Team B - Jutta Marquardt
Over 60 Men's Team B - Warren Owen
Over 60 Men's Team C- Michael Bygraves
Over 65 Men's Team B - Rabi Misra
Over 70 Men's Team B -  Mike Edwards, Gerhard Mallon, Satish Sethi
Over 60 Men's Presidents - Joe Soares

Qld Vets Review 2020

Brisbane Table Tennis Association had one of its most successful Queensland Veterans Championships for many years at the recent event held in Townsville. All our representatives performed well under intense competition. 

Special mention goes to Clare Owen who had an outstanding tournament, raking in numerous gold medals! Clare was also awarded the President's Shield for an outstanding effort. #congratualations

  • O30 Men's Doubles Gold: Giovanni Cnapich (BR) & Brian Distant (BR)

  • O40 Women's Doubles Gold: Kathy Pham (BR) & Clare Owen (BR)

  • O50 Women's Doubles Gold: Clare Owen (BR) & Jutta Marquardt (BR)

  • O40 Mixed Doubles Gold:  Clare Owen (BR) & Anthony Jeffress (from MB)

  • O50 Mixed Doubles Gold: Clare Owen (BR) & Anthony Jeffress (from MB)

  • O30 Men's Team Silver: Giovanni Cnapich & Brian Distant & Greg Latapie (BR)

  • O60 Men's Team Silver: Rabi Misra & Warren Owen (BR)

  • Veteran Women's Team Silver: Clare Owen (BR) & Jutta Marquardt (BR)

Congratulations to our Singles Champions:

  • O30 Men's Singles: Champion - Giovanni Cnapich (BR)
  • O60 Women's Singles: Champion - Jutta Marquardt (BR)


BTTA Vets Team

Clare, Warren, Jutta and Rabi 

BTTA vets team 2

Gio, Brian and Greg  

qld vets in action

Brisbane Team in action.

qld vets in action

Brisbane Team in action 

bisbane vets in action

BTTA Vets in action 

btta team in action

BTTA vets in action 

Brisbane Team in action

BTTA Team in action.

BTTA Team in action

BTTA team in action 

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