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Brisbane Closed Competition 2020

All financial members for the Brisbane Table Tennis club are invited to compete that this year's "Closed Tournament"

The closed features both graded and age events. It is open to all financial members of BTTA.

Brisbane Closed: 10am—6pm (doors open @9am)

Saturday 21st November 2020

* NEW * Prize Money $100 for Open Men & Open Women's Singles Event

Click here to download the entry form.

brisbane closed

Brisbane Closed Championships 

2019 Results 

  • [BRISBANE CLOSED] Full Results. 

Main Event: Winner: Benjamin Lander | Runner-Up: Daniel O’Neill 

Open Doubles – Winners: Giovanni Cnapich & Daniel O’Neill. Runners-up: Art Redulla & Rey Lorenzana 

Women’s Open – Winner: Jutta Marquardt. Runner-up: Meena Bakanay 

Under 1400 Singles: Zachary Bakanay. Runner-Up: Rey Lorenzana   

Under 1400 Doubles: Art Redulla & Rey Lorenzana. Runners-Up: Jimmy Yang & Antony Yu

Under 1200 – Winner: Jimmy Yang. Runner-up: Gauresh Malhotra 

Under 1200 Doubles – Winners: Nicole Lander & Benjamin Lander. Runers-Up: Jutta Marquardt & Rabi Misra  

Under 1000 – Winner: Keira Connolly. Runner-up: Navneel Prasad 

Under 1000 Doubles – Winners: Wayne Bloxham and Peter Fergusson. Runners-Up: Radi Tucker & Fred Smith 

Under 800 – Winner: Eamon Beattie. Runner-Up: Nicole Lander 

Under 21 Men’s Singles: Benjamin Lander. Runner-Up: Youman Li 

Under 21 Women’s Singles: Meena Bakanay. Runner-Up: Tamika Connolly 

Under 18 Girl's: Winner: Tamika Connolly, Runner-Up: Keira Connolly 

Under 18 Boy's: Winner: Youman Li, Runner-up: Zach Bakanay

Over 40 Singles: Robert Di Bartolo. Runner-Up: Andrei Poliakov 

Over 50s Singles: Art Redulla. Runner-Up: Brian Wiese 

Over 60 Men’s: Brian Wiese. Runner-Up: Jimmy Yang 

brisbane table tennis closed comp

Financial members are invited to participate in this year's Brisbane Closed Championships (our major championships only for BTTA members). Sorry, social members are not eligible. 

Michael Bygraves, Chair of the Tournament Committee said "we hope that this change to the weekend will increase the number of players & will also make the event run more smoothly." 

The closed features both graded and age events. It is open to all financial members of BTTA. Entry forms are now available for download, see below. 


Quick Information

Dates - Saturday 21 November 2020
Cost - $10 per singles event & $5 pp for doubles events + a $10 refundable umpiring deposit
Closing Date - Wednesday 18 November 2020


Here are the results for this year's Brisbane Closed. A big thank you to Peter Lander, Club President who ran the tournament. Thank you too to Jutta Marquardt, Nicole Lander and Robert Di Bartolo who helped on control (you guys should be on the Club Committee!!).

Open Singles (the event with the most entries!) 
Winner: Richard Littler
Runner Up: Paul Jones

Under 850 doubles 
Winner: Nicole Lander & Martin Pearce
Runner Up: Rowena Jones & Sandipan Nandi

Under 1000 Doubles
Winner: Tamika Connolly & Gauresh Malhotra
Runner Up: Jutta Marquardt & Sandipan Nandi

Under 1150 Doubles
Winner: Tony Lui & Jeffrey Leung 
Runner Up: Jutta Marquardt & Rabi Misra

Under 1300 Doubles
Winner: Rey Lorenzana & Daniel Hwang
Runner Up: Greg Latapie & Robert di Bartolo

Under 1450 Doubles
Winner: Andy Nguyen-Huynh & Daniel O'Neill 
Runner Up: Yusuke Kanayama & Mo Jiyad

Open Doubles
Winner: Andy Nguyen-Huynh & Daniel O'Neill
Runner up: Ben Lander & Richard Littler

Under 850 Singles
Winner: Christian Falconer
Runner Up: Martin Pearce

Under 1000 Singles
Winner: Gauresh Malhotra
Runner Up: Nigel Schmalkuche

Under 1150 Singles
Winner: Tony Lui 
Runner Up: Zach Bakanay

Under 1300 Singles
Winner: Rey Lorenzana
Runner Up: Tony Lui

Under 1450 Singles
Winner: David Nguyen
Runner Up: Ian Bellamy

Over 50s Singles
Winner: Seref Bakanay
Runner Up: Jutta Marquardt

Over 60s Singles
Winner: Rabi Misra
Runner Up: Bill Vickers

Under 18 Singles
Winner: Richard Littler
Runner Up: Youman Li

Women's Singles
Winner: Tamika Connollly
Runner Up: Jutta Marquardt

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