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Brisbane Open 2021

A thrilling and friendly Open Tournament - May 15 & 16

brisbane open 2019

Exciting New Tournament 

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The Brisbane Open for Table Tennis will be held on May 15 & 16 2021. 

As well as graded and novelty events this year will have a terrific lineup of quality players. 

Scroll down for the results for the 2019 event.

The 2020 event was not run due to COVID19.

Entry forms for the 2021 event available soon. 

The 2019 Tournament Re-cap

The Brisbane Open 2019 was held on the weekend of August 24th & 25th 2019 at the Brisbane Table Tennis Centre.

The Brisbane Open is our highlight of our club’s tournament calendar.

Table tennis is an Olympic sport which, according to the Times Online, is one of the biggest mass-participation sports on the planet.

This Year's Brisbane Open Tournament Wrap Up

The Brisbane Open is innovative, fresh and popular with crowds. As well as the highlight event, the Open Men’s and Open Women’s Singles, we also have a series of graded and age events. We have also added in some novelty events such as the mini-table and hard-bat events to add some fun.

Hitting the sweet spot with new events and encouraging spectators and with the help of excellent sponsors, we hope to entice high quality local and interstate competitors. 

This year we had around 140 participants (just shy of record numbers). 

Most competitors come with supporters, family and friends to cheer them on and watch the action. As well as locals we has competitors from 16 clubs: 

  • Melbourne Veteran TTA
  • Sydney Northern Districts TTA
  • Moreton Bay TTA
  • North Lakes TTA
  • Keysborough TTA
  • Gold Coast TTA
  • Wynnum TTA
  • University of Qld TTA
  • St George & Sutherland Shire TTA
  • Gatton TTA
  • Sunshine Coast TTA
  • Table TEnnis ACT
  • Townsville TTA
  • Mackay TTA 

Thank you to all the competitors and supports. 

Something For Everyone

This year we have inclusive categories such as u700 and more age groups u12 & u10. We will also have some novelty categories such as mini-table, handicap and hard bat competitions!

We will have lots of graded and age events.

Other events (excluding novelty events) the winner with get 40% of entries an the Runner-Up 20%, provided there are suffient entries for that event. (Please note that if insufficient entries are received for any event, events may be combined. Further, events may be cancelled without prior notice due to insufficient entries or any other reason.)

Each year we have competitors from all over Australia, and often even International players experience the thrill of the Brisbane Open.

As well as the highlight event, we have a series of graded and fun events (like the hard bat competition and the mini-table competition) so everyone, of all skill levels, can compete and enjoy the event. 

If you are interested in Sponsoring this event, please contact us today.  


Men's Open Results

The Men's Open was a thriller. See right. 

Mens Open Results

Women's Open Results 

A smaller fields but there were some terrific matches in the Women's Open. 

Women's Open REsults
under 21 mens

Under 21 mens

under 21 womens

under 21 womens

under 11s

Under 11s.

under 13s

under 13s boys

under 15s girls

Under 15 girls 

under 15 boys

under 15 boys 

under 18 girls

under 18 girls 

under 18 boys

under 18 boys 

Over 40s singles

Over 40 singles 

over 50 singles

over 50 singles 

over 50 women's singles

Over 50 Women's singles 

Over 60s singles

Over 60 Singles 

over 70s singles

Over 70s Singles 


Under 1800 Singles 

under 1500

under 1500s

under 1400

under 1400s 

under 1700s

under 1700s .

under 1600

under 1600s 

under 1300s

under 1300s 

brisbane open results                         
under 13 girls

under 13 girls singles .

women's doubles

Women's Doubles 

hard bat

Hard bat.

mini table

Mini table.

mixed doubles

Mixed doubles 

over 40s doubles

Over 40s doubles 

over 50s doubles

over 50s doubles 

over 60s doubles

over 60s doubles 

open doubles

open doubles

under 21s doubles

Under 21s doubles.

under 800s doubles

under 800s doubles

under 1000s doubles

under 1000s doubles

under 1200s doubles

Under 1200s doubles

under 1400s doubles

under 1400s doubles

under 1600s doubles

under 1600s doubles

under 1800s doubles

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under 700s

Under 700s 

under 800s

under 800s 

under 900s

under 900s 

under 1000s

under 1000s

under 1100s

under 1100s

under 1200s

under 1200s

 To download the full results in PDF, click here

New Umpire Bond 

[BRISBANE OPEN] The Brisbane Open is fast approaching. It is the premier tournament of the year. This year we have an Umpire Bond. In addition to event entry fees each player must pay a $10 PER DAY BOND as an umpiring deposit. This deposit is refundable if the player has completed all events entered & has completed sufficient umpiring duties to the satisfaction of the Tournament Director.
This policy has worked for overseas tournaments. Basically you need to umpire in your round-robin games plus if you are knocked-out in the main draw you need to umpire the match in the next round. Then you need to report back to the Tournament Referee that you've done your bit and your bond will be refunded.
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umpire bond
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