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A workplace wellness program for 2021 with a fun table tennis twist. Companies can engage staff and network with other businesses.

workplace ping pong

[ GET INVOLVED ] It's not too late to get your organisation's team on board for the Table Tennis Corporate Cup. Take up the challenge! Have you played ping pong in your garage? Or maybe in the crib room at lunchtime? Well, here's your chance to show your skills & do your team proud! #tabletennis #corporatecup #brisbane #doyourteamproud #teamwork #corporatecup #cribroom #garage

Play the corporate cup with your work team at the Brisbane Table Tennis Centre. 

TABLE TENNIS is an inclusive sport that can be enjoyed by all ages, genders & fitness levels.

The Corporate Cup brings Table Tennis to your workplace in an extremely fun & exciting way!

Table Tennis Corporate Cup

Season Two Following the success of season one of our own Table Tennis Corporate Cup (TTCC) in March - April 2021, Table Tennis Australia is happy to announce that season two is due to be held in October and November – again, this is pending COVID restrictions at the time.

Expressions of interest are now being sought. For further information, and to register on behalf of your company, visit the Table Tennis Corporate Cup website here

Some of the best conversations happen over a fun game of ping pong. What better way to strike up a conversation with new contacts than participating in the Table Tennis Corporate Cup. Keep it as friendly or as fierce as you'd like, exhibit your quick thinking and your passionate drive as you dive into your next match.

Create a Corporate Wellness That Actually Works Without Breaking the Budget

Hector De La Torre and Dr Ron Goetzel reported in the Harvard Business Review that building a healthy company culture is about creating a way of life in the workplace that integrates a total health model in every aspect of business practice. They say a successful wellness program is not a one-off. While yoga lessons and on-site massages may be cool, no everyone can get involved. And they can be expensive. 

We know that Australians love their sport, they love to barrack for their favourite team. So why not leverage this and participate in a championship and any age and any skill level can enjoy? It is an opportunity for people from HR to network with those from IT and Finance. It is an opportunity for your business people to network with other business people. As De La Torre and Goetzel say successful wellness programs offer bragging rights, create camaraderie and foster social cohesion among workers. 

Why Get Involved? 

This year has been a roller-coaster of a year for many businesses. Table Tennis is a terrific, and cost-effective, way to integrate a wellness program into your company. 

It's simple. Take action today! 

Got A Table Tennis Table At Work? 

Does your business have a table tennis table at work? Have you got some table tennis racquets? If yes, then you are everything you need to start your new company wellness program? If not we can help you out with a quality table tennis table and some great table tennis bats and some good table tennis balls. 

Regional finals:

-      $50.00 per team

-      4 players (both genders must be represented)


Equipment Packages are available and their cost depends on how many people in your company will be involved and if you need equipment. Packages from $100.

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