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Friendly Competition - Teams Event Invitational 

table tennis friendly compPlayers are invited to nominate to represent the Brisbane club in the up-coming teams event.

This is a friendly competition between clubs from around Queensland and NSW. 

Friendly Competition: Brisbane Teams' Invitational 

Saturday September 22nd and Sunday 23rd 

Venue: Brisbane Table Tennis Club
Format: 3 player teams. 11 rubber with 9 singles + 2 doubles (Your can have 4 members and you can select which 3 to play the singles and the 4th can just play the doubles.)
Entry Fee: $25pp

Brisbane Friendly Teams Invitational

Here are the draws for each division :

Teams may be mixed or single gender and any age group. Teams will be put into up to 6 divisions based on player ratings. 


The 2018 was the second year we have run the Brisbane Initiation teams event. 

Thank you for all who participated. 

We have players come from far and wide to participate. 


This year Brisbane Teams made a clean sweep of the all three divisions. 

Division.1 Winner - Brisbane A

- Ben Lander

-Andy Nguyen Huynh                                   

Shiye Ma

-Rey Lorenzana

Runner Up - Brisbane B 

- David Nguyen

-Youman Li                                        

Daniel O'Neil

l-Quoi Nguyen Huynh

Division 2 Winner - Brisbane A

- Gayle Darcy

-Pippa Louise Galloway                                    

Robert Di Bartolo

-Mike Edwards

Runner Up - Uni of Qld

- Jeffrey Chen

-Tony (kwun) Lui                                        

Jeffrey Leung

Division 3 Winner - Brisbane A

- Garth Thomas

-Shawn Somerset                                    

- Martin Pearce

-Michael Bygraves

Runner Up - Moreton Bay

- Craig Stevens

- Dougall Ferguson                                            

- Paul Cannard

-Peter Ward

Special mention 

Special mention to Andy Nguyen Huynh (Brisbane) and Craig Stevens (Moreton Bay) who both went through a lot of matches undefeated.

Email Michael Bygraves for more info.
Call us on 07 3357 8992 - 86 Green Terrace, Windsor, 4030, QLD