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One-on-One Coaching

Super-charge your progress by having some one-on-one coaching with one of our accredited expert coaches.  You can check out each of the coaches' availability and pricing by clicking on their name or photograph (below).


Bob Hayes is an experienced coach with over 50 years experience who has helped coach many Queensland and Australian medalists on their journey.  He has also managed Brisbane Table Tennis teams at various state junior championships.  Bob focuses on improving strokes, tactics, and techniques and can develop suitable programs for all levels of player.

Image of Bob Hayes


Bruno Levis is a table tennis coaching professional and player of the highest order. Since arriving in Australia in 2010 and settling in Brisbane, Bruno has cemented himself as the per-eminent coach in Queensland, particularly amongst its top junior players. Bruno is a Level 1 coach. 

Bruno has been coaching professionally since 2010 and is experienced in coaching all levels of players from complete beginners through to high performance players.  He has coached more than 5 players who have gone on to become Australian champions.  


Dan has been a BTTA Adult Beginner, Junior Beginner, and Junior Intermediate Coach since 2021. He has also coached numerous BTTA Junior and Senior team at multiple Queensland Events.

As a “combination bat” (Pimples) player, he specializes in teaching all the different kinds of rubber, spin and styles in the game – for adults and juniors, He is great at helping players play the style and game they like – but with good, solid technique and fundamentals, both for injury management and for developing as a player. Tactics are a big focus as well – how to structure points and games in order to maximise your strengths!



Frank qualified as a coach in 2021 and has been an active coach at both BTTA and the University of Queensland since.  He also has a further three years' coaching experience in his native China.  Frank is also a qualified table tennis umpire and was the 2022 TTA Young Official of the Year.

Frank works with all levels and ages of players from beginner to advanced and has a particular knowledge of table tennis strokes and rules.


Jim has been coaching table tennis for over 15 years to a wide range of students and is a current coach in our BTTA junior program and our 50+ beginners program. 

He currently works for Table Tennis Australia delivering the Sporting Schools program to a number of primary schools.  Jim also coaches young people at a number of private schools within Brisbane.

He is the BTTA specialist in coaching senior (50+) beginners and beyond.


After a glittering playing career, Mateo began coaching in 2018 and in a short period has already amassed significant experience, having worked as a BTTA group coach and being selected as a Queensland coach at the Australian Juniors to great success.  Moreover, he has already coached players to win gold medals at Queensland championships.

Mateo has particular specialities in high performance, serve and return, the mental game of table tennis, fitness and working with special needs players.  However, Mateo has skills and experience to help all ages and levels of players in their table tennis journey, having worked with players from age 8 to 80, beginners to high performance.


Sebastian is a world class table tennis player with a glittering pedigree within his native South America.  He has represented Chile at various international events.  He has been coaching for 4 years in Chile and has been bringing his South American enthusiasm to Brisbane Table Tennis since March 2023.

Sebastian works with all levels of players and has specific specialities in technical skills, tactics and service and receive.

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