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BTTA Opening Hours

The Brisbane Table Tennis Centre is open Monday to Friday weekly for general table hire as well as programmed club activities.

2018 General Opening Hours

  Morning Evening
Monday 9am to 12pm 6pm to 10pm (fixtures & practice)
Tuesday 9am to 12pm 6pm to 10pm (fixtures) Please note since the hall is full with fixtures there is no space for casual table hire
Wednesday 9am to 12pm 6pm to 9:30pm (Juniors, Adult Beginners & practice)
Thursday 9am to 12pm 6pm to 9:30pm (Squad & practice) 
Friday 9am to 12pm 6pm to 9:30pm (Family night & practice) * Check the Calendar
Saturday/Sunday Closed 2pm to 5pm (General Practice) - All Welcome

* The centre is occasionally closed on Friday evenings and weekends for special events.  Please check our website to make sure that we are open on any particular Friday.  

Club Scheduled Activities

The centre offers general table hire for members and non-members throughout the week and in addition we have the following scheduled activities:
Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday Social Handicap
(9am - 12pm)
(7.15pm to 9.30pm)
Tuesday Social Doubles
(9am to 12pm)
(7.15pm to 9.30pm)
Wednesday   Special Olympics
(3pm to 4.45pm)
Junior Coaching
(6pm to 7.30pm)

Beginner Adult Coaching

Intermed Adult Coaching
Thursday Social Doubles
(9am to 12pm)
  Competition Coaching
(7pm to 9pm)
Friday     Friday Doubles (7pm onwards)
Call us on 07 3357 8992 - 86 Green Terrace, Windsor, 4030, QLD