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Price List 

2022 Membership Prices

Membership LevelPrice
GOLD Membership$1,200

For more info on what you get for the gold and other memberships, click here

Services Price List 2022

Casual Practice (per Session*)$12
Casual Practice (per Hour)**$20/court/hour;
Social Play Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs AM$12 (or prepay for the year for discount)
Fixtures***$14 paying weekly or $12 per night if paid upfront for the whole season
Junior Coaching$15 (or $60 for 10 Sessions)
Adult Group Coaching$17 (or $75 for 5 sessions)
Special Olympics Group$7

Services Price List 2023

Casual Practice (per Session*)$17
Casual Practice (per Hour)**$25/court/hour;
Social Play Mon, Tues, Thurs AM$13 (or prepay for the year for discount)
Saturday Social Competition$14
Fixtures$13 per night if paid upfront for the whole season or $17 if paid casually.
Junior Coaching$120 for 10 week block or $17 casually
Adult Group Coaching$85 for 5 week block or $24 casually
Special Olympics Group$7

* Off-Peak Times (A Session means until the advertised closing time of the centre.)
** Peak Times - Mondays and Tuesdays 7pm to 9pm.

Please note that volunteer credits are no longer able to use for the coaching squads. 

2022 Social Group Prepayment Prices

Membership LevelPrice
1 Day per week$320
2 Days per week$460
3 Days per week$550

Notes on Prices


For private coaching conducted by a BTTA authorized coach there is a special table hire rate of $12 per hour or player (not coach) is a Gold Member or one volunteer credit.   The $12 per hour or one credit pays only for the one hour of coaching, it does not entitle the player to practice before or after to coaching session.    

Example 1:  1 hour private session plus up to 3 hours practice by player (not coach) is $24 or 2 credits

Example 2:  30 minute private lesson plus up to 3 hours practice is $18 or 2 credits

Example 3: Player and coach only play for 1 hour but no additional practice, cost is $12 or 1 credit.

In all the above examples the Gold Member and the private coach do not need to pay any fees.


For private coaches that do not have a current signed agreement with the BTTA, the rate is $10 per person per session including the coach.   A session is defined as up to 3 hours of practice, however the fair use policy still applies during busy periods.

Example 1: 1 hour coaching, $24 or 2 credits or (1 credit and $12)

Example 2: 1 hour coaching plus player and/or coach practice up to another 2 hours is  $24 or 2 credits or (1 credit and $12)

Example 3: Coach coaches 3 players over 3 hours.   Each player pays $12 or 1 credit and coach pays $12 or 1 credit.    A total of $48 or 4 credits

Example 4: 1 hour coaching with player being gold card member.   $12 (for the coach) or 1 credit.

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