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    Saturday Top Table Competition

    Looking to play a series of friendly challenge matches against a large variety of players on a Saturday?

    Join our Top Table Competition which is inclusive of all levels of play.

    Competition Info

    • Session 1: Registration by 10:55AM for a 11:00AM sharp start. Finishes at 12:30PM.

    • Session 2: Registration by 2:25PM for a 2:30PM sharp start. Finishes at 4PM.

    • $15 pp to join.

    social competition - table tennis

    Simple Rules

    • Win a match and go up a table, but lose and you go down a table.
    • Matches are 1 game to 11 points sudden death! (no tie-breaker) -2 serves each.
    • Players who keep winning face tougher and tougher opponents up to the top table.
    • For those players who turn up on time – novice players will be initially placed on the topmost tables.
    • Self-sorting player-level competition- as the competition goes on you will end up playing players of a similar level to your own.
    • Don't worry if you arrive late - you can start at any time (but on the lowest table of course)

    social competition - table tennis
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