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Weekly Table Tennis Fixtures

Throughout the year we have a series of table tennis competition seasons. These run on Monday,  Tuesday & Wednesday nights. Players compete as part of a team.

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STEP 1: Sign up to a part of a table tennis team.

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STEP 3: Play each week. If there are important announcements we will send you a text.


Weekly Fixtures Competition

Our regular fixtures program runs on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights and offers competition to suit all standards of players from beginner upwards. Monday, Division 1, is the toughest competition.

Key Features

  • Play in teams of the same 2 or 3 players for the whole season - make new friends and have fun
  • Seasons run as a "MINI-season" - usually 5 weeks. Or as a "MAXI-season" usually 10 weeks.
  • Teams are put into divisions so you will play others of a similar standard
  • All results are entered into so you can track your progress
  • Prizes for the best teams and the best individual players each season
  • All results are entered into so you can track your individual Rating
  • Register as a substitute to play occasionally (contact Michael Bygraves for more information)

Note if you cannot play one week please notify Michael Bygraves by 3 pm on the afternoon of your fixtures. (If not before!)

Fixtures Teams at BTTA 

Brisbane Table Tennis club runs regular fixtures seasons three nights per week:

  • Monday, 
  • Tuesday & 
  • Wednesday. 

Throughout the year we usually run for 4 main seasons.

  • A Mini Summer Season at the Start of the Year
  • A Maxi Autumn Season that usually starts in March 
  • A Maxi Winter Season that usually starts in June
  • A Maxi Spring Season that usually starts in September 
  • A Mini Summer season that runs out the calendar year 
  • Leading Up to Christmas we usually run for a few weeks a "Summer Swiss Season" where match pairings are worked out on the night of the event. (No formal teams.) 

This gives Club Members the opportunity to play competitively year-round.

The exact start dates vary.

As does the exact duration of the fixture season.

These depending on the number of teams that enter.

Keep an eye out for info on our website, on our Facebook page, or announcements in our Club Newsletter for start dates. 

Who Can Join A Fixtures Team?

Fixtures grades cater for just about all skill levels. For example on Monday nights we currently have Div 1 to Div 6 teams.

On Monday and Tuesday, the Tournament Committee will grade players and determine teams appropriate to their standard of play.

Ratings Central statistics will be used as a guideline.

For example, the top-rated player in First Division will be put in the same team as the player will the lowest rating in First Division. Then the second top rating player in Div 1 will be matched with the player with the second-lowest rating, and so on.

On Wednesday nights, players can instead select their own teammates.

Special Note About Wednesday Nights

Do you want to choose your own Fixtures Teammate? #GoWednesday

New Wednesday Fixtures Start Soon. This is your chance to be an a team with your friends or family.

The Format is a 2 person team.

You can nominate who you want to play with. Plus you can choose your own team name.
So if you want to play with a friend then enter Wednesday Night Fixtures.
The teams will be put in order with the average Rating of the 2
players on the team to see which division you play in.

This next Wednesday Night Fixtures  season will be a Maxi Season.
(10 weeks plus Finals.)
Wednesday Night Fixtures Start September 1st - enter now!

Don't miss out.

p.s. Note that Monday & Tuesday night teams will be still allocated based on Ratings Central Ratings (highest rated player is matched with the lowest rated play in that division etc)

What is the Match Format?

Monday and Wednesday nights consist of:

  • 2 singles
  • 1 doubles (best of 5 games)
  • 2 players representing that team on that week

Tuesday night leagues night format consists of:

  • 9 singles & 2 doubles matches (best of 3 games) or
  • 9 singles & no doubles

What Happens If I Cannot Play one Week?

Remember, If you cannot play one week please inform Michael Bygraves by 3 pm the day of your fixtures (or earlier)!

The Committee will attempt to find you a substitute player.

To be eligible to compete in any finals, a player must have played at least 2 matches with the same team in the ordinary fixture rounds of that season. More, that player will also need to be within 100 Rating Central Points of the original representative.

The team itself can comprise of up to 5 players. In other words, a player can share a spot. For example, Peter will play on Week 1 and Ben will play on Week 2. The two of them will alternate and share one spot.

What Time Do Fixtures Start?

Monday & Wednesday night fixtures kick off at 7.15 pm.

Tuesday night fixtures kick-off at 7 pm.

The Fine Print

Yes, there is even more detail to our Fixtures Policy! To read through it in detail, click here.

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