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women in table tennis ​Women's Table Tennis 

Get Out & Get Active Program

Please note that next Monday's Women's only Program has been cancelled. 

Unfortunately due to lack of numbers in the last few weeks (only 3 women participated) we will need to cancel the Women's Only program for now. 

We if we are successful in securing a new grant then we will let you know! 

We still have lots of opportunities to get invovled with Table Tennis.Lots of opportunities to get out and get active.

For example, we have the social mornings and weekly fixtures. (These are mixed, i.e. men and women.) 

Our Previous Women's Only Program 

Every Monday (expect for public holidays) we will be running the special women's only session for the discounted price of only $10pp. 

Come & join in for some fun and friendly table tennis. 

With the support of the Department of National Parks, Sport & Racing the Brisbane Table Tennis is pleased to announce a new engagement and participation program to support women's table tennis in Brisbane. 

This new women's only initiative is designed to get women and girls active for life under the "Get Out Get Active" program. 

The Brisbane Table Tennis Association will undertake a series of women only 'come and try' table tennis sessions, coupled with the development of a dedicated women's table tennis social media and online presence to encourage women over 55 to take up the sport and become more physically active.

​Not Over 55? 

​If you are not over 55, don't worry. While this program is aimed at women who are over 55, we welcome women of all ages. You are especially welcome if you have been inactive for a while and you want to get out and get active again! 

There are limited viable mainstream sporting programs available for women over 55 that are able to meet both the physical and social engagement needs of participants as well as provide structured ongoing support and activities.

This is a critical issue in relation to the largest growing segment of the population (women over 55). It is also vital that any ongoing program actively engaging older Australians in sport and recreation is designed in a robust manner and aligned to key healthy aging tenets as well as industry best practice.

Taking these diverse requirements into account, table tennis is the most viable sport to be able to meet these community needs and develop a vibrant, growing, healthy and active community for women aged 55 and over.

Significant clinical research has been undertaken overseas that has identified that table tennis has unparalleled potential to be helpful for older people with delaying the onset and diminishing the effects of illnesses such as Dementia and Alzheimer's because it combines physical activity with spatial skills, cognitive awareness and keeping social. In fact in the United Kingdom Bounce Alzheimer’s Therapy and King's College London are undertaking joint medical research to investigate the potential benefits playing table tennis could have on reversing and even preventing the development of the disease. Table Tennis is able to empower older people to improve their mobility and mental health, with many physical benefits. It is able to create an appropriate level of healthy exercise that includes fun and social interaction with ongoing engagement in social table tennis programs showing an ability to boost participant wellbeing and mental health whilst breaking down the isolation older Australians may feel.

Research has shown that, like many social inclusion activities, table tennis programs can help older people enjoy:
  • Improved mobility
  • Healthier sleep patterns
  • Better coordination
  • Increased cerebral blood flow
  • Improved upper body strength
  • Improved balance, which can reduce falls

By delivering a weekly program of participation events that are designed to cater for all skill and mobility levels, we are able to provide a program that removes the established participation barriers and due to the low injury, impact and falls risk associated with the sport (when baseline mobility of participants is taken into account) and enables women to reengage with sport, establish enduring social connections with like-minded people and become more physically active well into old age resulting in significant health and lifestyle benefits. As noted there are a number of barriers for women aged 55 and older from participating in structured, club based sport on a regular basis.

Some of these factors include a decrease in social engagement and the development of social networks to provide positive reinforcement for engagement and an inability for many sports to be able to cater for specific mobility and skills needs. The proposed project will directly address these barriers as a driver for encouraging women aged 55 and over to re-engage with sport, or in many cases take up structured sport for the first time, by supporting the development of a multi-media social networking capability for players (utilising dedicated webpages and social media presence) coupled with a weekly Women’s Only participation program.

​We acknowledge the assistance of the Queensland Government with this program.

embracing 2018
get out and get active
The Queensland Government, through the Embracing 2018 Legacy Program for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, provided funding to Brisbane Table Tennis for our new Women's Only Get Out & Get Active program to get women and girls active for life.
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